Zodiac Scroll Painting

Zodiac Scroll Painting
19th century

Japanese Print Description

Japanese hanging scroll in ink and colors on paper painted by 13 different artists. The scroll depicts 12 animals of the Oriental zodiac: dragon, horse, tiger, rat, rooster, dog, monkey, snake, goat, pig, buffalo, rabbit and yet another rabbit for good measure. Elegant composition – notice the red blotch of rooster’s head providing visual center for the painting. Excellent brushwork – see the depiction of faces, hair, feathers and claws. Signed in ink and sealed with red paste seal by each subject by an artist who painted it.

Old paper mounts with a bit of staining and a few holes in the upper part, wooden scroll ends, some minor creases (no dry cracked ones), overall in very good condition.

Scroll size 74×22.5 inches, painting size 49×18 inches.
19th cent.


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