Yoshitsuya snake triptych


Battle between bear and snake

Japanese Print Description

YOSHITSUYA  (c 1822-66)

Yorimitsu (Raiko) Tries to Capture Hakamadare by Destroying His Magic
(Kijutsu o yabutte Yorimitsu Hakamadare o karamen to su)
Signed:  Ichieisai Yoshitsuya
Dated:  1858

Oban triptych.

Very small pinholes on each sheet.  A few, mostly on left sheet at edges, have been repaired.  A little dirt and rubbing at bottom of center sheet.  Otherwise quite good impression and colors.  No backing.

Lord Minamoto Yorimitsu, aka Raikô, and three of his top retainers–Urabe Suetake, Hirai Yasumasa, and Watanabe Tsuna–pursue the notorious thief Hakamadare Yasusuke. Hakamadare attempts to evade capture by using magic to create a distracting illusion of a battle between a bear and a giant snake.



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