Yoshitsuna – Big Lucky Building


Big Lucky Building


Japanese Print Description

Yoshitsuna (w c 1848 – 68)

Workers Hanging Sign for the new “Big Building” at Construction Site
Signed:  Ittosai Yoshitsuna ga
Privately commissioned print ( no publisher)
C 1860s

This is an oversized (16 1/4″ H X 12 3/8″W) specially commissioned print to commemorate the construction of  a large building.  The workers are hauling up (with ropes) a large sign to announce this new “big lucky building” in the 6th month.  Presumably the print was created to give to the workers (who seem to be all identified) of the crew.  Because it was a privately made print there is no publisher, date, or censor required and could be made in such a large size.
Yoshitsuna was a pupil of Kuniyoshi.

Very good impression and colours.  Some wormage mainly in or near margins.  Very rare.



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