Yoshitora Syllable: Ki

Yoshitora  Syllable:  Ki
(Storehouse of the Loyal Retainers)
47 Ronin

Japanese Print Description

Yoshitora (fl 1836-82)

Syllable:  Ki
Takebuyoshi Sadashichi Takeshige with mallet
Takebuyoshi Sadashichi Takeshige with mallet
Series: Chushin gishi memei den
(Storehouse of the Loyal Retainers [47 Ronin])
Publisher:  Jakurindo
c 1864

Kanadehon refers to a primer containing the 47 syllables of the kana alphabet.  As the title of the play is Kanadehon Chushingura often each of the 47 Ronin would be assigned one of these syllables within a print series. The syllable is in a yellow diamond hanging from a stick next to the title cartouche.

Takashige was among the group selected to enter Kira’s mansion first via the front gate.  He is shown here with one of the giant mallets that were used to break down the locked gate.

Chuban tate-e.



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