Yoshiiku newspaper


newspaper print of occurrence at Chushingura performance

Japanese Print Description

Yoshiiku (1833-1904)
Insert from “Tokyo nichinichi shinbun” newspaper
Signed Yoshiiku

An article about an actor who is accidentally shot and killed while performing “Chushingura” during a festival at Asumi Shrine in 1875:


In Nagai village of the Usuiki district of the province of Hyōga, on the 13th day of the previous month, there was a festival of Asumi shrine Akimi shrine. People of the village gathered and put on the usual village play, a kyogen, namely Chushingura. And in the 5th act a man called Seizo of this village came on stage playing [dressed as] Sadakuro. Everything [from head to tail] went well until the familiar incident called 50 ryō, when during this day’s [today’s] episode, while Seizo’s older brother was there to watch and praise him as Sadakuro, the man playing Kanpei took out a hunting gun in his possession for some time, and as soon as he releases the flash lid with a click, Sadakuro was pierced by the shot, fell forward with a clump, and like that immediately died. As yet there are no reports as to whether Kanpei, saying he was sorry, has cut his belly or not. There must be something odd about the village theater. There ought not be a reward for shooting a boar like Seizo. People should awaken their enthusiasm for saying this is truly the extremity of sorrow.

Oban tate-e.  Good condition.


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