YOSHIIKU Camera Views


Camera Views:  Picture of a Beauty


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Japanese Print Description

YOSHIIKU  (1833-1904)

Bijin Zu
Signed:  Keisei Yoshiiku
Series:  Shashinkyo: Bijin zu (Camera Views: Picture of A Beauty)
Censors Seal: Aratame (combined)
Dated:  1861

The series explores various western subjects as presumably taken from a camera.  The clothing, sky, and crosshatching on ground are some of the foreign touches.  Print lightly waxed (early editions had wax applied to give it a sheen like an oil painting)

Oban Tate-e (approx 14.25″ X 9.725″). Very good impression, good colors.   Light overall wrinkling. a few pinholes.  Traces of backing on verso.


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