TOYOKUNI Actors Looking at Turtle Scroll


Danjuro Turtle Scroll


Japanese Print Description

TOYOKUNI (1769-1825)

Actors looking at Turtle Scroll
Signed:  Toyokuni ga
Publisher: Buemon
Ca 1822

Turtles arer symbols of longevity,  and “Kotobuki” the character being exhaled by the turtle means long life or congratulations.  The scroll is signed by “7th Sansho”, the poetry name of Danjuro VII and the calligraphy in the scroll is like Danjuro’s known handwriting.  The two actors holding the scroll are Iwai Hanshiro and Bando Mitsugoro.  The 3 actors were connected not only through Kabuki but also through poetry.

This privately commissioned print perhaps references Mitsugoros return to the Edo stage (From Osaka).

Lare oban tate-e (approx 15.5 X 10 1/4″).  Fading.  Rare



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