SHUNKO Danjuro V

Danjuro V (1741-1806) was the grandfather of Danjuro VII and great-grandfather of Danjuro IX, and was one of the most popular of the Ichikawa Danjuro actors until that time.  He proved to the Kabuki world that he was worthy to hold the prestigious name of Ichikawa Danjuro and contributed a great deal top the preservation of the best roles created by his predecessors.  At the same time he added some of his own personality and characteristics to his acting.

Shunko was one of the best of the Katsukawa school artists.


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Japanese Print Description

SHUNKO (1743-1812)

Performance at the Nakamura-za Theater
Signed:  Shunko ga
c 1780s

Very good impression, good colors.  Some light soiling and a little in-painting.