KUNIYOSHI Yoshida Sawayemon Kanesada


Ronin: Yoshida Sawayemon Kanesada

Japanese Print Description
KUNIYOSHI  (1798-1861)
Yoshida Sawayemon Kanesada
Signed: Kuniyoshi ga
Series: Seichu gishi shoso (ie 47 Ronin)
Publisher: Sumiyososhiya Masogoro
Double Censors Seal
Dated: 1852

Oban tate-e.  Very good impression and colors. Burnishing on the cartouche. Some trimming.
Rare series – only 12 designs are known to have heve been completed.  When found, impressions from this series are always superior indicating few were ever made in the first place.
Kuniyoshi’s most dramatic portrait series experimenting with western modeling and foreshortening etc.
Kanesada blowing the whistle signifying that the “battle” has been won


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