Seichu gishi shozo



Japanese Print Description

Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)

Ushioda Masanojo Tsugifusa (aka Ushioda Matanojo Takanori) shooting an arrow

Series: Seichu gishi shozo  (Portraits of the Faithful Samurai of True Loyalty
Publisher:  Sumiyoshi-ya Masagoro

A number of the ronin were used as archers to prevent any of Kira’s samurai leaving the premises to get the authorities (also to prevent neighbors from coming to assist).
In the days of the samurai, spears and bows were the weapons of choice.  Swords were relegated to being a 2nd option.  It has been the theatricality of the sword that has made contemporary people think of swords as the principal weapons of Samurai. Years after the attack, the ronin would sometimes be criticized for using weapons like bows.

Oban Tate-e.  Fine impression, colours, and condition.  Slight dirt mainly lower left.



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