Seichu gishi shozo


Japanese Print Description

Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)

Muramatsu Sandayu Takanao (aka Uramatsu Handayu Takanao) in the snow
Series: Seichu gishi shozo  (Portraits of the Faithful Samurai of True Loyalty
Publisher:  Sumiyoshi-ya Masagoro

One of the 10 ronin that actually broke into the mansion building. In the attack, Takanao came upon Kasahara, one of Kira’s samurai, and killed him. Note that Takanao has his name on his “costume”. Each of the Ronin was similarly tagged and each carried a statement of their mission.

Kuniyoshi’s series of strikingly realistic portraits of which, curiously, only 12 are known to have been produced, shows various ronin with names altered for censorship reasons.  Rare, and as few as there are, this is often considered Kuniyoshi’s best series of portraits.

Oban Tate-e.  Fine impression, colours, and condition. This impression illustrated in B.W Robinson’s book:  Kuniyoshi: The Warrior Prints.  Ex Collection:  B.W.Robinson



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