Ghost of Oiwa


Japanese Print Description

KUNIYOSHI  (1797-1861)

Death of Oiwa
Signed:  Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga
Play:  Yotsuya Kaidan

Yotsuya Kaidan,” a tale of betrayal, murder, and ghostly revenge. The ronin Tamiya Iemon attempts to kill his wife, Oiwa, by poisoning her, but the poison instead disfigures her.  In an attempt to make herself presentable, she combs her hair, but the hair comes out in clumps, dripping blood onto the floor. When she finally sees her horrible face in the mirror, she dies, cursing Iemon, and returns as a ghost to haunt him. Oiwa (left), the murdered wife of Iemon, with disfigured face and clasping bloody clump of hair. Takuetsu (right), the masseur, amazed her disfigured face

Oban Diptych.  light backing. pages joined. Unusual to find intact as a diptych.  Some trimming.


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