Japanese Print Description

Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)

Horibe Yahei Kanamaru
Series: Seichu gishi shozo  (Portraits of the Faithful Samurai of True Loyalty
Publisher:  Sumiyoshi-ya Masagoro

This is from a rare series of half-realistic portraits of the actual 47 Ronin done by Kuniyoshi. Only 12 of the designs are known to have been completed, and few impressions of those are  known today (As few were done, they are always have great early impressions.)Horibe was the retainer who was actually in Edo with Asano when he died and the one who originally, more than any other, wanted there to be a vendetta. At first Kuranosuke just wanted to have the property restored to the family. When that failed, the plot started in earnest.
Horibe, the oldest of the ronin, was 78 when the vendetta was concluded. His farewell poem reads:

Long as I lived
one knows all the pleasant things
long life can enjoy
there is nothing to surpass
the victory we won today

Oban Tate-e.  Fine impression, colours, and condition.  Light album backing



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