KUNIYOSHI Hida Magobee Masatoshi

Series:  Heroes of the Taiheiki


Japanese Print Description

KUNIYOSHI (1798-1861)
Hida Magobee Masatoshi
Signed: Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga
Series: Heroes of the Taiheiki
Publisher: Heikichi
c 1848-49

The series of Taiheiki prints by Kuniyoshi is about the unification of Japan under Nobunaga, Hideyoshi etc. in the last years of the 16th century.  This Japanese woodblock print by Kuniyoshi of Hida Magobee Masatoshi in the Taiheiki is actually based on the real life Kida Magobee Muneharu who died in 1592.  He is the only warrior who was famous before joining Hideyoshi’s army.

Good impression, colours and condition.


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