KUNISADA Chushingura 12

Chushingura “Act12”


Japanese Print Description

KUNISADA (1786-1865)
Chushingura “Act 12”
Series: Kanadehon Chushingura
Publisher:  Heikichi
c 1847-48
The vendetta has reached its conclusion and as the law clearly prescribes death, the ronin know that their lives are likely also at a conclusion. The 46 loyal retainers have placed the head of their master’s enemy in front of his tombstone at Sengakuji.  All that remains is for them to surrender to the authorities.  Kunisada illustrates this scene as if it were on a stage, isolating the silent, somber finality of the event with a frame of snow.

Oban Yoko-e.  Light overall soiling..


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