Koryusai Beauty on Turtle


Beauty (as Roko?) on Minogame Turtle

Japanese Print Description

KORYUSAI  (w c 1760s-90)

Beauty on Turtle
Signed:  Koryusai ga
c 1770s

Tanzaku.  (5.625″ X 10.125″) Very good impression.  Moderate condition.  Very rare.  Exhibited: Japan Foundation, Toronto.

Appears to be a parody of the old hermit immortal, Roko on his minogame (raincoat) turtle.  It was common in Japanese prints to substitute a pretty young girl for a man, or to depict a girl doing a man’s job.

It is likely that this print was designed (commissioned?) to act as a nice albeit inexpensive gift for an auspicious birthday or New Years.


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