Kiyooki Rongcheng Bay


Rongcheng Bay




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Japanese Print Description

Shinohara Kiyooki active ca. 1895-1904

Bivouac after the Landing at Rongcheng Bay
(Eijowan joriku go no roei)
signed Kiyooki
publisher Matsunaga Sakujiro,

oban tate-e triptych 14 5/8 by 29 1/4 in., 37.2 by 74.3 cm.  Very good impression and colors.  Album backing.  Narrow margins.

After completing the landing of Japanese forces at Rongcheng Bay on the Shandong Peninsula on January 22, 1895, the troops departed four days later on January 26th for a difficult march to the Chinese naval base of Weihaiwei, which eventually fell to the Japanese on February 12th.  Kiyooki a rare artist who seems to have mainly depicted the Chinese and Russian wars with Japan.  This is maybe his best triptych, certainly the most atmospheric one.


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