KEIBUN Three Ducks


Three Ducks by Riverbank

Japanese Print Description

 Matsumura Keibun (1779–1843)
Three Ducks by a Riverbank
Date: Early 20th century
Size: 18.6 x 34.9 cm.  Small repaired paper tear right side.

A peaceful scene of ducks by a river bank. Morning glories of various colour and bloom reveal the autumnal season. Stylised wisps of grasses and reeds line the waters, whilst a large dragonfly perches high atop the composition. The naturalistic style is exemplary of Matsumura Keibun’s (1779-1843) work. Influenced by the renowned Maruyama Okyo (1733-1795), the founder of his eponymous school in Kyoto, and Chinese literati painting, this design after Keibun succeeds in emulating his balance of form and harmony through the subject of nature.


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