HIROSHIGE Suijin no mori


Suijin no mori
100 Views of Edo

Japanese Print Description

HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

Sumida gawa, Suijin no mori (Suijin Shrine and Masaki on the Sumida)
Signed:  Hiroshige ga
Series:  (Edo Meisho Hyakkei) 100 Famous Views of Edo
Publisher:  Uoei

Oban Tate-e.  Album backing, binding holes.

By order of the shogun, many cherry trees were planted on the north end, East bank of the Sumida River to make it an excursion site for the people of Edo.  Suijin woods were located by the cherry lined boulevard.  From here one could take a ferry across the river to the licensed quarters, Yoshiwara.  To the north is Mt Tsukuba, dominating the surrounding lowland.  At the lower far right is the entrance to Suijin shrine.  Masaki is across the river.


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