HIROSHIGE Miyanokoshi

HIROSHIGE Miyanokoshi

Series: 69 Stations of the Kisokaido


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Japanese Print Description

Hiroshige  (1797-1858)
Signed: Hiroshige ga
Series: 69 Stations of the Kisokaido
Publisher: Hoeido
Date: 1830s

The 69 Stations of the Kisokaido was published about the same time as the Tokaido set also published by Hoeido and depicts the inland road journey between the two capitals Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto.  The 2 series are the most important series in establishing Hiroshige’s career as a Japanese woodblock print artist.  Always known for his depiction of weather,  The HIROSHIGE Miyanokoshi print is considered one of best views of fog and mist.

Quite good impression and pretty good colors. Some small repairs mainly in margins.