HIROSHIGE Yoro Waterfall Mino Province

Yoro Waterfall in Mino Province
Signed: Hiroshige ga
Series: Views of the 60 Odd Provinces
Publisher: Koshihei
c 1853

Good impression and very good colors.

This lovely waterfall drops 30 meters down the side of Mount Tado in an area famous for its springtime cherry blossoms and the fall colours of its maple trees. Hiroshige shows it to us in autumn as the leaves start to change colour. It is one of the few places pictured in this series that looks just the same today as it did then.
According to legend Empress Gensho (A.D. 683 – 748) heard that the water from these falls tasted like sake and had rejuvenating properties. She visited the area herself to taste the water and felt more youthful. Today the water is used to make a carbonated drink called Yoro-sanroku Cider.

Japanese Print Description

HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)
Yoro Waterfall
Mino Province


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