GAKUSEN (=GAKUTEI ? 1786-1868)

GAKUSEN  (=GAKUTEI ? 1786-1868)
Surimono of Turtles


Japanese Print Description

Surimono of Three Turtles in Waterweeds
Signed: Gakusen (GAKUSEN  (=GAKUTEI ? 1786-1868)
circa Late 1810s


This charming surimono (privately commissioned print) has been attributed to Gakutei, although we haven’t found any other example of Gakutei signing using the name Gakusen, or using this seal. Gakutei, an important pupil of Hokusai, did another version of the subject that is very reminiscent in style.

As it was considered to be no shame to copy, or adapt, an earlier image, this might be the case of an artist adapting the previous work by Gakutei. Another theory is that Gakusen is an unprolific artist trying to convince the public he was a pupil of either Hokusai or Gakutei.

This specimen ex Edmond deGoncourt (1822-96) collection – the famous French 19th century novelist/playwright icon as well as one of the very first to write about Japanese prints, including the first monograph on Hokusai.

Surimono. Quite good impression and pretty good colors with gauffrage. Some minor rubbing and flaws..