Danjuro Soga no Goro

Ichikawa Danjuro IX as Soga no Goro in Yanone
Signed: Kunichika hitsu
Series: 100 Roles of Danjuro IX
Publisher: Fukuda Kumajiro

Very good impression and colors. Album backing. Mica, burnishing and gaufrage effects.

Soga no Goro sharpening an arrow.

The short and bombastic “Ya-no-Ne” scene was staged for the first time in 1729 at the Nakamuraza within the new year program “Suehiro EhĂ´ Soga”. It was integrated into the Kabuki Juhachiban collection of 18 Greatest Kabuki Plays (of the Ichikawa clan) by Ichikawa Ebizo V (Danjuro VII) in 1840. The current version was created by Danjuro IX in 1882. It is still generally performed in January.

Japanese Print Description

KUNICHIKA (1835-1900)
Play- Yanone


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